Optical rheometer

Rheometer RheoptiCAD


Developed in collaboration between AgroParisTech, INRA and CAD Instruments, RheOptiCAD® is high standard device for imaging complex systems, from liquids to solids, under thermo-mechanical treatments.  Uniaxial shear is performed by translation of two parallel plates and temperature is controlled using a Peltier module coupled to a water cooling system. 
RheOptiCAD® is adaptable to all optical or confocal inverted microscopes, and presents a simple, fast and reproducible way of sampling, not depending on commercial microscopy glasses.

 Large gap range for an easy and adaptable sampling 
> Perfect planarity and parallelism of shearing plates 
> Suction system for microscopy glasses hold 
> Observation based on ZVP principle 
> Motion: linear, strain jump or oscillation 
> Electric torque measurement for force estimation 
> Controlled heating and cooling rate with Peltier system 
> Computer controlled through Ethernet plug 
> Data recording 

 Designed for commercial microscopy glass 
> Thermo-mechanical characteristics similar to rheological devices
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