ZetaCAD- zeta potential

Pycnometer CAD-Pycno2

Streaming current & zeta potential meter

The ZetaCAD has been specially designed to automatically determine the zeta potential by the technique streaming potential.

An electrolyte is to move through a capillary or porous plug by a pressure gradient. The excess charges around the particles or wall are carried along by the liquid. Their accumulation down stream causes the build-up of an electric field which drives an electric current back (by ionic conduction through the liquid) against the direction of the liquid flow. A steady state is quickly established and the measured potential across the capillary is called the streaming potential
·      Applicable to particles above 50 µm diameter and flat surfaces
·      Reliable and simple to setup
·      Measurement and rinsing of the system are fully automated
·      Menu driven software Windows based.
·      Data acquisition creates Excel files

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